Fottur til Choquequirao (17d)

En fantastisk fottur til den glemte byen Choquequirao

• 8-dagers fottur til nylig oppdagede Choquequirao, større enn Machu Picchu, men kun 30% er foreløbig utgravd. 
• Max høyde 4650m
• Opplev Machu Picchu og andre mindre kjente Incaruiner 
• Nyt fotturer og aktiviteter i Sacred Valley 
• 14-17 deltakere + Explore guide. 
• Turen starter/slutter i Lima, hvor vi tilpasser flybillett og evnt. ekstra program.

Cusco & the Sacred Valley
We make the historical city of Cusco our base for our first four days, allowing time to acclimatise and prepare for the trek ahead. Here we include several hikes in the Sacred Valley andwe also have the opportunity to raft the white waters of the Urubamba River, before driving to the start of our trek, in the small village of Cachora.

The Lost City of Choquequirao
Beginning our 8 day, fully-supported trek, it takes us two days to reach Choquequirao. The ruins of this Lost City received their first foreign visitor, an intrepid French explorer during the 18th Century, and Hiram Bingham followed in 1910 - one year before his discovery of Machu Picchu. Since them the settlement has seen few visitors, and we camp here for two nights to fully appreciate this magical location.

Trek to Machu Picchu
Leaving Choquequirao, we continue with 5 further days trekking through the Andes towards the legendary Machu Picchu. Though not technically difficult, reaching heights of up to 4500 metres above sea level on deserted pathways this trek is not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced walker! But those who take the challenge will enjoy stunning mountain scenery, see magnificent Andean plant and animal life, and adventure through several incredible Lost Cities of the Incas. 

Program, start/slutt: Lima (Inca Pathways of Choquequirao - 17 d)
Dag 1: Møt gruppen i Lima. Dag 2: Formiddagsfly til Cuzco (3400m), en rolig rusletur i byen. Dag 3: Pisac marked, Inca-ruiner & fottur 8km tilbake til Cuzco. Dag 4: Til fots i Sacred Valley, overnatting i Cuzco. Dag 5: Fridag. Muligheter for rafting på Urubamba-elven. Dag 6: Buss til Cachora, start trekking. Ca 8timer. Dag 7:Til Choquequirao, ca 6t. Overnatting 2n. Dag 8: I Choquequirao. Dag 9-12: Trekking videre langs Incastien mot Machu Picchu. Høyeste pass, 4650m, ca 7t hver dag. Dag 13: Siste etappe og tog til Aguas Calientes. Dag 14: Machu Picchu besøkk før turistene kommer fra Cuzco, tog og buss tilbake til Cuzco. Dag 15: Fridag i Cuzco. Dag 16: Fly til Lima. Overnatting. Dag 17: Turen avsluttes i Lima. Hjemreise eller Galapagos? 

Overnatting og måltider:
8nt standard hotels, 1nt hostal, 7nts camping wild camping; 7 breakfasts, 8 lunches & 7 dinners included.

Priser: Euro 1650, ca NOK 14.850 + flybillett.

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